A Place for the Unwilling

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The protagonist of A Place for the Unwilling is not the character we control but, as the title suggests, is a place; In this case, the city. Although it has no name, it reminds some Anglo-Saxon urban nucleus of the industrial revolution with significant tensions between a wealthy social class that seeks economic benefit at any cost and the proletariat trying to organize the workers' struggle. But, although this social and economic revolution has its relevance, the most prominent thing is what underlies, the hidden city that everyone does not talk about since the game begins that speaks of something terrible that will end everything. The role of the protagonist is to see which path he follows from the multiples that are opening before him until he reaches one of the endings there are.

21 days until the end of the game

But not everything is as simple as making decisions, ALpixel tenses the rope more when marking the game time. Each of those 21 days we have 12-14 hours (each hour of the game lasts about a minute and a half) to complete missions, talk to characters and try to earn some money buying and selling merchandise. Everything goes so fast that you have to assume from the beginning that it is very difficult to fulfill all the missions they offer us when leaving home and you have to choose which ones we fulfill and which we ignore.

Source of own gameplay

Each character has its own schedule of times, a resource that usually works quite well and that popularized games like Shenmue or, more recently, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild or the indie Stardew Valley, but in these games the player has everything the time you want ahead to explore calmly while in this case the pressure of the limited time is added since you also have to fulfill the missions on the current day and there is no clue what these routines are, so it is It is a bit disappointing to choose a mission and not be able to do it by not finding the character where he usually is.

Source of own gameplay

A rare and complicated control designed for command

Control is as rare as the premise from which A Place for the Unwilling starts but does not work as well. It is difficult to play using the keyboard, and with the remote it is much more consistent, than not intuitive. The most extreme example is that to read the newspaper of each day you have to press a button, the crosshead, another button, the one on the right trigger, another button and, if we want to read it in Spanish, another button, while to pass from page we turn to the crosshead.

Graphically the game has a somewhat melancholic appeal. The city looks great and the male characters have strength when they have cartoonish features, while the female characters are more generic. The script has several problems, the main one of which is that it has wanted to give each character a different way of speaking and the result is a strange mixture of expressions from another era and current that grinds, at least in the Spanish version, on several occasions. There are also a few mismatches. The music is very nice and helps to set the mood well and the sound is quite irregular, although there are times when it seems a random noise from the internet, in others it gives a peculiar touch, such as when coins sound when talking to one of the characters more Rich of the city.

Source of own gameplay

A Place for the Unwilling is an ambitious project that points to good manners, but has stumbled upon the hardness of a complex development when the support of an editor is not behind. The result is a bit chaotic and with enough interest to attract those who are fond of narrative games with freedom to customize the gaming experience.

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