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What is SteemAce?

We are a Steem community (and Scot Tribe) for gaming content.
As fast as the professional gaming industry is growing, we also believe that blockchain games will play a crucial role within the near future. A great showcase for that is the biggest blockchain game on our Chain Steem: Splinterlands. With the evergrowing interest in all that, there is also an evergrowing number of content creators writing about gaming.

We built SteemAce as the perfect platform for exactly these content creators!

A few key numbers about SteemAce

  • Already over 800 people have staked GG Tokens and actively joined the community
  • More than 100 posts are published every day
  • Active buyback plan with already close to 13,000 GG bought back (and burned) in 4 days

One of our goals is to support and reward great gaming content. We already took the first step towards that by creating our account right when SteemAce launched. It upvotes the best content posted on the platform every single day, so any author can increase his or her reach even outside of SteemAce on other Steem communites like Steemit or Palnet. We want to give them even more power!

So now it's time for our next step. We are starting our delegation plan where everyone can participate in delegating SP and earning GG Tokens. We see multiple advantages in our plan:

  • Delegators receive GG and increase their influence in the SteemAce Network
  • Our account receives more SP to reward and boost real high quality gaming content
  • We are able to claim more free account tickets for onboarding users outside of Steem

What does the account do?

As we already mentioned in our Whitepaper post, we created the account in order to reward authors of good gaming content with upvotes (103k SP, 7.5k PAL).

Every day we are looking through all new posts, selecting the posts which had the most effort and quality put into them and upvote them. Our work is fully done manually by the team.

While all admins, moderators and curators vote on good content to strengthen authors within the SteemAce community, votes to give those posts more reach on other platforms of Steem (Steemit, Palnet).

Delegation Plan

From now on users can delegate SP to and therefore receive interest in form of GG Tokens. For every FULL 100 SP you delegate, you will receive 2.5 GG Tokens every day. Those numbers are measured by the current average market value (last 2 days) of 0.04 Steem per GG. That means that the APR of your delegation is at 37%, which is way over average. We chose it that high because the price of Tribe Tokens is still fluctuating more than Steem.

For Example: If you delegate 1,000 SP you will receive a payment of 25 GG Tokens every day. (750 per month).

That's a great way to earn passively while also knowing that your SP isn't wasted and does good things for the whole Steem ecosystem.

Biweekly we will check on the market value of GG and adjust the profit distribution. That means: The APR will continously remain around 37%, no matter the price fluctuations of GG and Steem.

We are using part of our bounty budget as payment. The monthly distribution will be capped to 75k GG Tokens. If the delegations exceed our cap we will adjust the APR and tell our delegators about it.

Onboarding new users to Steem

Our big plan is to bring users outside of Steem to SteemAce and into the Steem ecosystem. We already claimed 46 free account tickets, which we will be using to create Steem accounts for users willing to join us.

With more SP, we are able to claim more account tickets. Even though not all of them might be needed as of now, we will surely need them once Steem attracts the masses again!

Where does the value of GG come from?

The value comes mainly from its active users on SteemAce. The more users on SteemAce the more it's worth to have influence. Influence comes in form of GG. You can upvote content or promote your own content. Gaming companies will be interested in promoting their own games and gaming equipment once enough users are on SteemAce. It's like on every website, value comes from the number of users.

But there are even more things that help with the value. We are giving away Splinterlands Beta Boosters to GG stakers every day. We are hosting different Splinterlands tournaments where you need GG to participate in. We are giving away ingame items for NextColony. These are first small things to make SteemAce more attractive to real Gamers and there will be many more. We have quite some ideas ;)

There is one more thing we can't reveal yet.. The only thing we can say is that we are already working on a project for many months and once it's released, we will make it work together with SteemAce. Both projects and GG stakers will profit from each other.

Final words

We speak for the big gaming community of Steem when we say that we really appreciate every SP that is delegated to the project. As you could see in the last two weeks, we use our upvotes only for great gaming content. Not only does it help the gamers and us, it also helps the whole ecosystem of Steem in giving great content organic growth (and not paid growth).

If you delegate now, you will already receive your first GG interest within the next days.

Here are a few delegation links to make it easier for you if you're interested:
100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP | 800 SP | 1,000 SP | 2,000 SP | 5,000 SP

Thank you and let's grow the gaming area on Steem together!

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG Tokens which will be burned)

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