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Hello Splinterlands players and SteemAce users,

We are excited to announce that we will host our first Splinterlands tournament tomorrow. The best thing is that it will be free for everyone with some nice prizes. It will be our first tournament of many. Follow us and never miss any tournament or other exciting opportunities in the (blockchain) gaming world.

Here are our settings for the tournament:

  • Free entry
  • Everyone is a winner!
  • Silver League, all cards allowed
  • Prizes: 18x Splinterlands Beta Boosters, over 2k GG Tokens
  • Time: 17.07.2019 - 18:00 UTC

Here is the link to the tournament: 1. SteemAce Tournament - Free Entry

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I will be there!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

All in!

giphy (5).gif

Thank you for the info, I am in :)

Wonderful SM event!!!

Oh nice, I really hope I can win a booster or an Orb... looking forward to this one. Thanks guys!

Yeah, let's fight for some GG's. Already registered!

How do I register? I don't see any icon indicating so on my phone.

I Will Be There, Thank you @steem-ace

Alright, I'm in :) Hopefully I don't bust first Round as I do normaly at tournaments :D

Good Luck everyone.

Get it!

I’ll be there :)