25 years a gamer

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Another day another tribe

As a small introduction I want to give you a bit about my history as a gamer.

I am now 36 years old and I guess I was around 10 when I bought myself from my saved up chrismas/birthday money a Game Boy.

If my parents would know how big this influence would be for the rest of my life, I am not sure if they would have allowed it.


As times goes on there were many consoles and platforms but I want to focus on the highlights.



Probably still my favorite console as I think the graphic style is timeless and the games still fun at least for a while and especially with the retro classes on.

My highlights are definitely




Each of this game I ve played for hours and hours, alone and with friends and I have great memories about them.

I also love the packaging back then. The manual was almost as exciting as the game itself...well not really but you get my point.

The Playstation




I know there is a Final Fantasy 7 remake in the making and I will probably end up playing it but I doubt it will get me as excited as the original. When I first saw the commercial and the graphic of the cutscenes I was sure I was living in the future just already today.

Tony Hawk 2 was one of my most played games probably on the PS1. This is the game were I regret that there was no internet around yet (not really) and you could not check other peoples highscores as I am still sure my score in the hangar level has to be somewhere way up there.

Tekken 3...it is Tekken and till then every Tekken was good.

I did not have a PS2 or N64. I ve played a bit when I was at friends but I never picked one up but I was not too interested in videogames at this time.

I had a Playstation 3 and X Box 360 but except Gears of War I dont remember a game which really blew my mind.

The Pc had a way bigger impact on my gaming journey then. With Starcraft 2 and a lot of Diablo 2 and 3 I wasted/enjoyed many many hours in front of the monitor.

I still play games mostly on the PC, a bit on the PS4 but

I got older


Games changed

I spend less time with one game now and it does not catch me anymore as games used to. I still appreciate a game like "last of us", "Red Dead Redemption", "GTA" and many others but often I feel like I want to be done with them.

Maybe they got too big for me especially the open world games.

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What's good champ! I'm 36 too so I guess we enjoyed the same ride when it comes to Video games. I recently wrote an article of how video games helped how to learn English. Those times will never come back mate but the games still remain to revive them. Regards champ!

they helped me as well. 36 is the new 29 which is the best age

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I followed you up until super mario cart.

The "new" videogames make me dizzy and I feel sick if I spend too much time watching them.

Liked the timeline, thanks for sharing.