Empower With Success Through Video Games

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In most online multiplayer games, we need to have a good team of gamers to play a good game.

We need people who are willing to support one another and team members that can compensate each others’ weaknesses and embrace the strengths of others.

Through cooperative effort, a good team can easily beat other teams in an online game.

Through video games, we can see the characteristics of different people and how we can select good players for the team.

We are actually learning about human resource management through organising an effective team.

When we see one team member who always gather benefits only for himself, we would need to remove him from the team as teamwork is important factor for the success of the team.

We do not need a selfish brat who only wants to make use of the team to climb up the levels for himself.

Johnathan Harrison shared about how video games can empower individuals with success when one can learn different life skills and apply them for successes.

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Gamers would need to learn how they can apply their knowledge gained through online gaming into their real-world situations.

Through application of what they learnt, they can refine and adapt to see many successes in different areas of their lives.

I hope this article inspires you about the benefits and skills that you learn in gaming and apply to real world situations.

Treat gaming as opportunities to learn skills for your real life.

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Any games which you can quote as examples of how online gaming inspires you about the benefits and skilled learned that can be applied to real world situations?

Any games that require teamwork actually can provide such learning points of how we can work together in real world context as well as other life skills. Games like world warcraft or even Lord of Rings can just provide these opportunities. There are many more. As a current school teacher with many difficult students, I saw how my students were used to fight physically, they started to learn how to work together as a team after allowing them some free time for multiplayer games. A good game leader can also spot opportunities and lead his players together. Just my humble thoughts. Everyone can have their own opinion. Online games can be a tool but it is definitely not the only way.