0xwarriors, train the best characters and battle against other users worldwide

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What makes a game interesting? Is it the unique and rare items we discover as we level up or probably the skins you put on to change your character from the default style to a completely out of the world eye-appealing class? Well, whatever the case may be for you, am sure you have your reasons.

Mine is a totally different option, and which the blockchain technology brought into existence. Back then, we had a mini case called memory card for the PS1 console where you could save your game progress and play from a completely different system, the problem with this was that it could be easily destroyed or corrupted. The introduction of blockchain technology made these problems little or of no concern anymore to gamers.

You can literally save your game progress on this chain and import it to a new device, be it on PC or mobile, and just when we thought the chain saw it all, the introduction of cross-chain came into existence and that's what the game 0xwarriors is going with today.

0xwarriors is an RPG multiplayer cross-chain game, played in a 5vs5 mode in a PVP environment, where any and every skill you can think of goes.

So, I discovered the game a while back and at first, I was reluctant to play it, the graphics on mobile device looked confusing to me, I couldn't quite get the aim of this game and even the controls were strange and difficult to understand.

I kept on seeing different products been released by this developers and from others interaction about the game, made me believe the game was not all that bad and am glad I gave it a try once again and also sad to realize the painful part as I played along.

The game is player vs player-driven. Meaning, the characters you play against are other users just like yourself trying to level up their character or probably unlock a new skill from the various skillsets available for players.

Starting the game was fun, I leveled up my characters quite fast and was beginning to feel somewhat invisible to other players lol, my skills selection was top notch and I thought nothing could go wrong, oh man was I terribly wrong. The game was addictive and I ended up playing for a while until the big shocker came in.

So, when your character dies, there is a percentage chance they wouldn't make it back to your deck or call it to the lobby, I never truly understand what this meant until a player died and was unable to return back to the lobby, hours spent trying to unlock new skills, all gone within a twinkle of eye.

I guess that's what makes it unique and completely different from other games. You can train an unlimited supply of character, preserve them and go for competition with this elite set or so I call them xd.

Features of 0xwarriors

The game operates on multiple chains, but you are required to link at least one when/if you are to perform an in-game transaction.

Daily Box Giveaway


I wouldn't call this actual daily giveaway, but more of an onboarding incentive to new players who wish to try out the game, inside the boxes are tasks and a reward for players, each specifically targeting a part of the game they want players to try.

So far, I have claimed a sword, helmet, and a shield which did come helpful and upgrade my character skill, so it's worth completing if you ask me.



This mode is made up of various types of battle type, some free and others not so much, the free ones can be entered daily, whereas others require some amount of time before battle commences.

  • Arena, this a four-player field where the top and skillful character becomes the winner. The game is set when the required number of players join the arena, this might take a while and the best-skilled player or probably a little bit of luck wins the match.


  • Tournament, as I said, certain mode are not free and they require purchasing or using a game ticket before access is granted. The reward is shared among players on match completion and also unique item box is given to players, probably a way to ensure players don't completely lose their funds with nothing to show that they participated.


  • Championship, just like the tournament mode, players are able to earn via this mode but no fee is required. Although it takes place once every 7 days, meaning you have to keep your eye out when the championship is available in other not to miss this.



Like most blockchain-based game I played, the majority do come with this option, a medium to make funds after launch, players can purchase different rarity boxes and hope to unlock rare, epic or legendary items. Most come with certain percentage to get this item and others not so much.


Personally, I prefer the trade menu, with that, you know what you are paying for and if it's worth it or not, uncertainty does not work too well with me.


Item trading is one, or if not the major reason users are into blockchain-based games, with this option, you can sell your game items for a reasonable amount and other times not so much.


0xwarriors supports multiple chains, these means, players can make purchases with multiple cryptocurrencies and not just limited to one single cryptocurrency, making the market system fun and interesting to trade.


This is a mini wallet in the game where all items unlocked or purchased can be located, you can equip a character from this menu and also remove items from them which can be sold in the market or just replaced with something better.


Other menus

  • Account gives a summary of your account, these are linked blockchain account, username, and others.

  • Transactions shows your in-game spending, be it purchase or sales.

  • Scores, are you curious about the leaderboard? Well this menu shows you the top 100 players

  • Settings, 0xwarriors is available in multiple languages, you can change to your preferred language in this menu.

The game is fun to play and addictive. Although the feature of losing characters is a setback for me, losing a player after spendings days working and improving their skills might just make a user lose all interest in the game. Although all items unlock still remains. But, what good is an item if there is no one available to use it?

Since there is an unlimited character to train, this makes me believe the system is here to stay and probably what differentiate the game 0xwarriors from other types of blockchain-based games.


Unique play style and multiple chains acceptance makes the game 0xwarriors stand out from other types of Dapps


4/5 from my short time playing the game and I do hope to see more updates roll in later on.

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Useful links

All images used are screenshot from the game 0xwarriors

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