Why should you start playing SteemMonsters? #2

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In addition to the game being a lot of fun and stimulating intelligence and logical thinking, you can earn some money every day by collecting Dark Energy Crystals, the DECs, by winning battles. As well as receiving reward cards for completing daily missions.

Art: Medusa by ♕ M ♕

With DECs you can do a lot of things, and make a good profit, for example by exchanging them for @steeemmonsters account upvotes for your posts and thus turning them into STEEM for an additional profit.

Or purchase items and more SteemMonsters cards by purchasing Orbs at the store or the website Market. Your cards can also be traded and you can sell them or even rent them through the PeakMonsters website.

While swapping DECs for upvotes has the best ROE of all Steem upvote services, I particularly use everything I get in the game to get new cards and I explain why:

Most SteemMonsters cards come in limited collections, which eventually come to an end. That is: there is no infinite impression, but a scarcity.

Cards can be 'combined', this is when several of the same types merge into one, but higher and more powerful level. This process helps to further reduce the number of cards in circulation.

Finally, older collection cards usually have some kind of special advantage, not in relation to the gameplay itself, but Alpha cards for example (which were the first to appear, are already sold out and are no longer sold on the official website ), give an additional 10% increase in DEC capture for each Alpha card used in a duel.

The consequence of this is that the cards have a clear tendency of appreciation. The Alpha is worth much more today than it was when it was released. And this should also happen with Beta cards that are currently sold and whose stock only remains 10% to be purchased.

By this logic, we should rush to buy Beta card packs before they run out and a new collection is released.

Another detail is that when you buy and open a pack of cards, they are randomly generated the moment you click on each card, and revealing your true identity.

In this process there is always the possibility of taking the "big luck" and finding a very good card, as there are several different types of cards: normal, gold, rare, epic, etc.

The most valuable are the Gold Legendary, and a single card can be worth hundreds of dollars.

Not only are they worth money, but with each passing day, they are worth substantially more.

This to me is one of the main reasons why I think you should start playing today!

Art: Medusa by ♕ M ♕ , to read more, visit: Mary Emily

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