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One of my orchestras rehearsals quite often in the city of Utrecht... which is quite a nice place in The Netherlands. The thing that I love best about it is that we rehearse quite close to a few comic book stores and also some table top gaming stores! Of course, that means that as soon as the first day's rehearsal is done... I'm bolting out the door to visit the goodie stores!

Most of the time, I don't really buy anything at the comic book stores... but it is a great way to browse around to see if there are any series that I might be interested in.... however, most of the time, they are just way too expensive. Sometimes there are sales, which I'll use to give myself tastes of potential interesting comics... or mostly, I will pick up some cheaper Donald Duck comics for my kids... for some reason, they are really huge in The Netherlands!


... then I take a little trip down the canal to visit the table top gaming stores... a little stop to see if there are any cool things on sale, or some games that my kids would be interested in... mostly, I don't really buy much for myself these days, as my wife isn't so interested in this sort of gaming (well, she isn't that interested in the computer type of gaming either.... sigh, I think I might have married the wrong person!).

However, this time... nothing for the kids... but I did pick up the Playtest for the Pathfinder 2.0 rules. Not sure if the proper release is out yet, probably is if all the Pathfinder 1.0 and Playtest versions are on sale. At school and university, I would devour the rulebooks for DnD, Warhammer and various other RPG games... somehow, I just love reading about the worlds and the flavour texts and the pictures... ahhhhhh... so satisfying! I never really played PathFinder (only DnD), although I think I have a game or two that uses the ruleset... so, I really quite curious to see what it is about and how it differs from the old DnD... and at 10 euros, it's not such a big price to pay for over 450 pages worth of rule-set goodness!


Thankfully, I got back to the rehearsal with about half an hour to spare (it was the long midday lunch break!)... so, I've got my little hidey hole to start devouring my lovely new loot! Pity I can't read it whilst playing... or can I... there are a few TACET movements where I don't have anything to do... and the rest of the orchestra is quite accustomed to me reading comic books instead of musical treatises or high-faluting philosophy texts!

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I had a brief stint in RPGS but have moved more into Cosplay, and this genre of RPG,

Is that any relation to the computer game by the same name? That was an awesome setting!

Yes it is but I have yet to play it to see how it's faithful to the RPG.

The different video games are of differing levels of fidelity.

Generally they're quite good as far as adaptations go, with a really strong focus on the storytelling.

There is supposed to be a new one coming out isn't there?

Yes, though I don't really know much about it.

I'm the reverse, I've only played the computer games and not had the chance to see the lore and ruleset... But it does sound pretty good!

Looks like a nice way to spend some time while you wait! I can just see you diligently studying what is on your music stand (music? Nope!) while you have a break from playing. ;)

Ha, I wish I could do that without getting fired... I used to do it when I was kid though...

I remember Pathfinder from my RPG days too:) Actually never played it, so i am waiting for your review. Utrecht is very beautiful, i made trip there some years ago:)

I'm not sure that I will be playing it in the near future... This was just my brain and eyes to drink in the setting! Utrecht is great, I do love it each time I visit!

I love the view you have had, hear and do not think that because your wife does not like the games as you are not the right one, maybe is the best, so you do not have to fight with her for the pc jajajaja Happy day!

Ha, definitely that is one upside! I do get to use the gaming machine exclusively!

Utrecht best town in NL! Or do I think that because I was born there…..

I also think it is a great place! Amsterdam is too busy... Utrecht feels like a big university town with lots of interesting shops and places to eat. It is getting expensive to rent there though... At least, that is what my friends tell me!

I knew that you're into music, but I don't think I ever learned what you play. Is that a viola I see in the photo?

As for Pathfinder, it's a great game if you like certain bits of D&D. If 3.5 is your favorite, you'll probably love Pathfinder. I find that it's too bloated, but that's because the groups I was with ran the whole product line instead of more sensibly constraining themselves to a subset of the content.

Nice spot! Yes it is a viola...

I'm a violin /viola /viola d'amore that specialises in Early Music.

I remember when I had my first D&D 3.5 rulebook in 200...3? Maybe 2004. It felt like magic, then, turning those beautiful pages. It was also quite expensive, that's why I had only one of the three core books, but that was fine. Great times, sessions going on for days.

Ah... The same experience! Just slowly reading and looking at the pictures! It was such a feast for the imaginative mind!

I did hear that Donald Duck is very popular in the Netherlands, for some reasons XD They have their own names for some of the characters? Apparently?

Cool that you picked up Pathfinder thingo and still got back to your rehearsal with half hour to spare :)

Yeah, Katrine is Daisy (and my girls crank out when I call it wrong...)... The nephews are Qwik, Qwak and someone else (I have in my mind, Quark... But that seems to be leaking in from a different part of my brain...).

A lot of the lesser characters are also different... But Mickey and Minnie and Donald are the same...

Nice find! Would you happen to be a fan of The Barsoom series of books?

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I actually don't know them! I will have to have a look!

Grinding every day! With love and gratitude!

Ha yes, there are so many cool things to write about!

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