Oninaki - Boss Fight The Great Chariot | Dtube Exclusive #299

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hello my fellow dtuber,gamers and all community on steem block chain,back again with me jodipamungkas,in this video I am dealing with a very big boss that is the great chariot at 9 minutes, not too difficult and easy, because the boss's movements are not that much, be careful when in front of him, I suggest you use a daemon that uses a gun , then I found a place that was quite strange the first pillar, I continue my adventure tomorrow in this place, thank you for supporting the gaming content on steem blockchain and don't forget to follow the latest events from @ocd and @creativecoin namely #inkoktober , if you can check in here : https://steemit.com/inktober/@ocd/ocd-and-creativecoin-inktober-2019-event , see you in the next gameplay series oninaki, only on dtube platform, peace out !! .....


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thanks you so much ^_^