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Hi guys; Let's play with puzzles!

Some months ago I developed a mini game for Android. Not gold. Only a little entertainment and for practice my skills.

Not much time before that, I was finished a Unity Game Development course and it feelt to me a good idea to develop something easy to test.

The first idea that came to my brain was a puzzle game; a sliding puzzle game. But I needed first the pictures. Rada Quest TCG was on my mind for much time ago and then I thought that that would be a nice excuse to start with some illustrations about Rada Quest.


The game was developed with Unity 2018. You can download it in itch.io for free, if you wish. But remember this: it was only a skill proof.


Click on image to follow link to itch.io

All pictures was created by me, Marcos DK (@marcosdk)

Upcoming Game: Rada Quest TCG

Now I'm working on a new game with much more ambition. Rada Quest will be a trading card game over Steem blockchain with amazing art for the cards. I wish player enjoy not only with game, but also the art. It would be beautiful that players wait to see the new cards for the game with as enthusiasm as for new events.

You can read more info about this project in this post: https://www.battlegames.io/gaming/@radaquest/taruk-the-new-token-to-invest-in-the-rada-quest-tcg-project

If you wish to collaborate as investor in the proyect, you can buy TARUK tokens in steem-engine marketplace


Delegate some SP to support Rada Quest project

25 SP 50 SP 75 SP 100 SP 200 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 5000 SP

Donate ETH -> 0xE083170516F080A6e7c8EF2430FFD83cd99578c3

Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render
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Que estupenda noticia, mientras esperamos el estreno de RADAQUEST que sin duda alguna, será el mejor de los juegos conocidos en la blockchain. Los rompecabezas son juegos de habilidad para desarrollar la capacidad de armar imágenes por parte del cerebro, excelente para los que avanzamos en edad en el camino de la vida. Gracias por siempre aportarnos en positivo cosas útiles y novedosas, querido @marcosdk. Un abrazo de vuelta para ti!...

That's really looking cool wonderful :D

Thanks @blazing

Que bien, se ve entretenido.
A mí me gustan los puzzles, pero hay fans de ellos.

I want to try this game. Wish there were early access.