League of Legends - Double ADC, because support want steal my role

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

Welcome Guys!

Silver ELO rating is really funny.. support ask me in lobby that he can go as ADC and i didn't answer and he instalock ADC. Hmm.. very interesting move by the way, but i don't care too and pick my role ADC so we played without support. Agressive lane with duo ADC is not that bad, but always is problem who should take the farm and we push too fast. We got less expierience, because nobody owns support items, but I and he don't care.

Silver ELO have their own rights, if someone instalock your role, then I make the same stupid move and play with the same role just to show that i don't care that much xD

Did I won this game?
You need to watch this video, because game was really difficult to play xD

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